The Wrap

I can’t say good riddance,
It wouldn’t be fair.
We did have nice things
That do deserve a cheer.

But you were also unkind
I couldn’t catch a break.
You pounded with letdowns
That were a lot to take.

So I am glad you are over
Please don’t cross the line.
I’d like to own this new year
The way you were to be mine.


It was a gesture I didn’t expect
A voice coated in kindness.
It was a timing no less perfect
A light lit up my darkness.

I must have done something great
To pique your choice interest.
I must not be completely beat
If your support is in earnest.

No matter how tough this journey can be
Your act will get me through eventually.
No matter where this road takes me
I will be grateful eternally.


Second chances
Will not come into play
Between us this time.
We’ve crossed a line
That will never let us
Cross back.

Faith and respect
Can never be restored
The way they were last.
The betrayal was reeling –
Even time will not dare
Heal it.

The bond we built
Has become a waste –
It shattered into pieces.
Our ties are cut completely
We might as well
Be strangers.

Alternative Reality

It’s the kind of world
Where you can be bold,
To call the shots
Or drop the ball
Without a care
For repercussions.

It’s the state of being
Where you can be whole,
To reign in the hurt
Or not feel the hate
Like your heart
Is at a breaking point.

It’s the form of escape
Where you can be free,
To live without worry
Or love truly and fully
As if life is not
Your current reality.