Let You Go

The moment he made that decision,
He already chose to let you go –
Shut the door in your face,
With a loud, “To hell with you!”

You knew it was coming,
You understood why it came.
Knowing does not make it right, however,
And the pain not any less.

But what can’t kill you
Can only make you stronger.
What can bring you down
Can also take you higher.


It appeared like a star
In a very dark night.
It promised like a god
That you will be all right.

It lured you like a temptress
To a place you’ve never been.
It stirred you to a restlessness
Such as one you’ve never seen.

It warmed you up to a vision
Where you live your heart’s desires.
It then left you disillusioned
When it vanished as you caught fire.


You walk around
Like all’s well with the world –
Your world.
Life goes on
Even if deep inside
You wonder if it should.

You keep about
Despite that gaping hole
In your heart.
The piece that persistent
Tore apart.

You tried hard
To rise above the struggles
And the pain.
Life goes on
Until it does

Inspiration – 13 Reasons Why

The King’s Staircase


“The King’s Staircase is the first link to the circuit of rooms making up the King’s State Apartments. All the great and good of Georgian London would have climbed up these stairs to visit the king.” – Discover Kensington Palace Souvenir Guidebook

I took my time here, standing
At the bottom of the stairs.
I let the vibe in, feeling
Swept back so many years.

These steps saw royal parties
With guests in lavish best.
The paintings heard the worries
Of those who came in haste.

Here I am now, overwhelmed
By this brush with history.
The sentimental me beamed,
The climb is etched to memory.